Sinking city – Review

Sinking City, a gripping tale from the horrors of Frogwares studio’s. A menacing title, that sees you as an investigator, wading into the water of madness in the flood riddled town of Oakmont, Massachusetts.

Expectations upon booting up Sinking City were pretty high at first, as a long time fan of H.P. Lovecraft & horror styled games. The opportunity to play about in the Call of Cthulhu mythos, once more with a large scale indie title, was quiet an exciting concept.

What i didn’t expect, was how much the game was driven by sheer investigation.


The initial impressions of Sinking City, whenever you see out of context content that is. Seems to center primarily around the games combat, portraying it as more of a survival focused adventure like the Resident evil series. Well the first thing you need to know about The Sinking City, is it’s more of an atmosphere detective game with minor combat elements, rather then a combat focused fight against the horrors in the dark.

You play Charles W. Reed, a private investigator on a quest to be cliche. Chasing answers for visions, you’ll end up ashore at Oakmont to begin the cycle. Slowly exploring the city solving mysteries and dealing in favors and bullets.

The game is best summarized primarily though as a rather pretty walking simulator. The payoff for playing being the satisfaction of working out all of the detective breadcrumbs and clues yourself. Then using those breadcrumbs in turn, finding all the locations you need to progress the narrative further.


The Sinking City, all and all is a pretty niche title. Weirdly though if you can get past it’s short comings and bugs, it’s a pretty fun detective narrative with the Cthulhu mythos. Honestly where else can you find that niche?

+ Detective focused game

+ Cthulhu Mythos

-/+ Mainly a puzzling walking sim

+/- Absolutely Terrifying for those with Thalassophobia

Bugs to rival Cthulhu at times

Clunky Combat / movement

Score: 6.5/10

The Sinking City is currently exclusively available on the epic games store for PC purchases.

Special Thanks goes to the developers Frogwares studio’s for providing us with a touch of madness and a copy of The Sinking City for this review.

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