Simulating Space, through Games

There are tons of Space Simulation games out there, but not all of them might be games you’ve heard of. So, that’s why I am here to help you explore the genre in its latest stages. We shall talk about Space Simulators that are coming out soon as well as ones that are already out.

I will talk about 5 Space Simulators in particular, but these are of course are just some of the lately popular ones. There are tons of Space Simulator games out there that are also worth checking out, but those will be put into a list some other time in another article.

So, let’s get our hands dirty with space rock.

Elite, Dangerous

Elite: Dangerous was the prominent heir to many titles we’ve seen a decade ago that never really had the chance to come back with a sequel since the graphics engines up until now couldn’t handle a good enough space simulator. Elite: Dangerous is an expansive sandbox/shared universe game where everything goes for a starship pilot’s life. You can become a bounty hunter, a trader or just another explorer in a vast galaxy full of opportunities. All that, behind the view of your starship’s cockpit.

With both single player and multiplayer modes to explore on PC and Mac, as well as support for the Oculus rift, Elite: Dangerous is one of the most interesting games in the Space Simulator genre at the moment and definitely worth your while if you are into learning how to fly a starship the hard way (but still through a video game). The way the Single Player mode works is that you can sync your data with the online world whenever you want, thus updating your surroundings what whatever has happened and everything the developers have added to the game.

X: Rebirth 2.0

As called by many fans, the X game series is basically an offline version of EVE Online. If you love trading and playing in a single player mode full of dynamically changing markets then X Rebirth 2.0 is definitely the game for you. Available only on PC, Egosoft, the company behind it released the game a second time (hence the 2.0 in the title) addressing lots of issues that the first version had and thus making it an even more beautiful and stable game.

XR 2.0 is worth anyone’s time since the fact that it doesn’t have online multiplayer or something like that, allows it to have a really well established plot within the game, which you can of course ignore at any given time and do your own thing, like build space stations, fleets, or trade in the market for profit.

Eve: Valkyrie

Unlike Eve, the game from which Valkyrie and its world come from, Eve: Valkyrie is a full on starship simulation game where you take the role of a pilot with the HUD of a cockpit, fighting your way across the stars in both Single Player and Multiplayer modes. Valkyrie supports both the Oculus Rift and the new Morpheus Project for PS4 and has promised lots of thrilling and action packed adventures as a pilot for everyone that is going to play the game.

As seen in a promo video, the virtual reality equipment makes the game ten times more interesting than it would have normally been if it weren’t for the advance in technology.

No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is a procedurally generated game that won a bunch of awards¬†and has amazing transitions from space to land and land to space. Hello Games, the developer behind the title, explained that they are making an emotional experience, rather just another space fighter game. Main tasks include, exploring planets, fauna and plantlife but the company has also promised that the game will include dogfighting, trading and resource gathering which are basically the base on which most if not all space simulators build upon.

So if you are into exploring beautiful and mysterious worlds and even more, if you are into doing that by flying spaceships then No Man’s Sky is a must for you. It will be available for PS4 only and it is yet to be announced when it will be released.

Star Citizen

Oh dear, don’t even know how to start explaining this. Star Citizen has everything. Not even kidding, it has everything one could ask for in a Space Simulator game, and even more than that. Most of the features haven’t been added to the game yet, but the fact that the project has raised 70 million $ at the moment makes it somewhat possible to have all of those things. The quality of the features is a whole other discussion.

Features will include everything, ranging from dogfights, taking a role in the galaxy, first person combat and ever-expanding markets. By exploring the features a bit more in depth, you can see that the game will allow players to even command starships that can be handled by multiple people. So you could have people on turrets while someone is on the bridge directing movement and other maneuvers.

I personally think that the game will not be able to live up to the expectations, but with good reasoning and arguments. If you want to learn more about that, check out the article where I talk about it with my friend Robert.

These are of course just 5 examples of exemplary Space Simulator games, that does not mean they are the only ones out there though. For now, I personally prefer to indulge myself in fighting other elite pilots in the Tier 4/5 ranks of Star Conflict, but I’m pretty sure that, soon enough, I will feel the need to go behind the view of a cockpit once again. I will of course talk more in depth about the reasons why I am still sticking with Star Conflict instead of moving on to another Space Simulator game.

I hope I managed to inform you enough on the whole Space Simulator hype and of course, make sure to check back the blog to keep up with the continuous flow of new articles, as me and my friends discuss all things related to video games and pop culture.

-Constantine “Kelfecil” Christakis

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