Shift Quantum Gamescom 2017 Interview

Shift Quantum is an official successor of the famous puzzle-platformer game, Shift, originally created by Antony Lavelle and published by Armor Games. It is made by Fishing Cactus.

We actually had the chance to interview the studio at last year’s Gamescom, when they were showcasing their previous game, Epistory: Typing Chronicles.

We had the chance to meet Fishing Cactus yet again during this year’s Gamescom and we had a chat with them about their newest title. We specifically talked with Sophie Schiaratura who answered all of our questions about Shift Quantum.

“Epistory was received very well,” said Sophie when we asked them how they felt about their last project. Sophie told us that the studio knew it is a very niche game, making it hard to sell and so, only recently did the studio manage to make back the money that was spent for the game’s production. That allowed them to start working on their next title.

The designer of Shift Quantum is the same that worked on Epistory and the game will also be quite niche in its own way. The game is an old license that was bought by Fishing Cactus so that they can work on it and shape it in their own image. “We were thinking about giving it another chance,” said Sophie.

“It is not just a puzzle game now, but rather a complete experience with a story and everything,” she explained. The development started last January and is planned to finish by January 2018. Five people are currently working on it and the game will focus on the mechanics of the original (shifting negative spaces to positive ones and vice versa) that also included a lot of platforming. “I like to describe it as a big rubik’s cube,” said Sophie. We were also told that the game has about a hundred levels, making it filled enough with content allowing players to be engaged for hours.

Sophie also told us about the studio’s next project plans, involving the visual novel game, The Wormworld Saga which is something that they are apparently very excited to be working on right after Shift Quantum is done and published. “Now is definitely the right time to do it,” she said, telling us that the studio is of course also thinking of making something like a sequel to Epistory in the future when time and budget allows.

You can check out the game through its website and Facebook page.

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