Shift Happens at Gamescom 2016

Klonk Games was present at the Indie Arena Booth for Gamescom 2016 just like last year and we had a chance to talk with Mathias Neukam, game designer at Klonk Games. He told us all sorts of things about Shift Happens and how far they’ve come since last year with the game.

The protagonists of our game are jelly creatures Bismo and Plom, who after an accident can exchange their masses and their abilities. Only together can they overcome the obstacles set in their way. Shift Happens is mainly a co-op game, which can be played locally or online that “forces” the players to work together and even backstab one another at times. There is a single player option, but the full exprience can only be accessed in multiplayer scenarios.

Mathias told us that they are at Gamescom in order to showcase the game to anyone who might not know it yet. “We also got the game on Xbox One and are now waiting for the submission to pass the tests.” Mathias said they are also planning to bring it on PlayStation 4 as well but they haven’t made a submission just yet. The game is still on Early Access on PC (Steam) but the plan might just be to fully release the game on both PC and Xbox One at the same time. There is not a set date for that just yet though. “We are not entirely sure what would be best for us just yet,” explained Mathias.

“We are still looking at all sorts of places for coverage on the game, even cereal boxes and stuff, but funding such endeavours is the main issue,” said Mathias. He also told us that there are a lot of plans for adding more things to the game through monthly updates. At the same time, the developers at Klonk Games do a lot of other contract work in order to be able to fund their efforts with Shift Happens and whatever other project they are working on. “Shift Happens is not really that great for Early Access but we just went with it to see how it goes.”

The game has won quite a few awards in the year before Gamescom 2016, such as the prestigious German Developers Award that awarded the company with 60k euro as well. They also won a bunch of Kids’ Games awards which means a lot to the company since it says a lot about the kind of audience that enjoys their game. Amongst those were “The White Elephant” award and “The Golden Sparrow” award.

“The game clicks to kids and also couples. I feel the trend for games like ours is moving on to local multiplayer ones,” said Mathias, explaining how he perceives the current gaming industry. We went on to discuss about how there are a lot of multiplayer games but only a few local co-ops that allow for the same kind of fun that games like Shift Happens, Ibb & Obb or even Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime provide.

Mathias told us that the studio is prototyping other ideas as well but time is very limited and for that reason there is nothing solid just yet. “Next up, we are aiming to approach YouTubers and streamers for even more coverage since our experience with that medium has been great thus far,” said Mathias, concerning coverage on the game. “We are of course always aiming for more.”

You can find more about the game on its website and you can purchase it for 13.99€ on its Steam Page. You can also follow its developement on Klonk’s website, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Youtube pages.

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