She and the Light bearer – Preview

She And The Light Bearer, is an eye dazzlingly, puzzle solving point and click adventure. It’s made by the likes of Mojiken Studio, and published by Toge Productions, who you may know from My Lovely Daughter and Coffee talk, to name a few of their past and present published projects.

As you can probably tell from kelf’s past recommendations, we’re fans in the office of Toge Productions work, so when talk of their newest title leaked a beta release by, “the grace of mother” we jumped on the chance to play the build and provide our thoughts, as well as feedback for a preview.

She and the light bearer so far, is a beautiful experience to breeze through when you have a bit of time, I barely noticed the half hour fly by as I sat down for the afternoon to try it. One of the strongest aspects of the light bearer, is the abundance of atmosphere, this is helped in no small part by the soundtrack, which complements the scenery and style of the game beautifully. Gameplay wise She and the light bearer is an intriguing puzzler. As a Little Firefly, you will find yourself fluttering around these puzzles, without much head scratching difficulty though I’m sure, the full release will see a bigger difficulty curve throughout the experiencing.

By the end of the afternoon I would whole heartily recommend, She and the light bearer to anyone who has enjoyed puzzle adventures in the past, such as Sam and max or puzzle agent and is mildly intrigued by the cute ascetic.

Hopefully it won’t be long now for the full release.
She and the light bearer will soon be available on steam at an undisclosed date,the beta is currently available on there steam page as well.

~ Aaron Nicholls

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