Shadowrun Hong Kong – A Look On The Criminal Side.

There are some words and phrases that can make people angry with hardly any context. Phrases like “we need to talk”, “holiday special”, and “political discussions”. For me personally this can extend to “you have been kicked from the game” and more recently “do you take fly-bys?”. But one phrase that makes me not mad but disappointed is “turn-based combat.” It’s just something that doesn’t really mix well with me, the whole waiting aimlessly for your opponent to move, the limitations on moving and combat, and the slower pacing makes it not really my cup of tea. But if a game has gameplay that I don’t really mix with, I don’t automatically write it off as hot garbage while I wait for another fast-paced FPS to keep me distracted for hours when I should be doing things like writing reviews. Anyway Shadowrun.

‘Shadowrun: Honk Konk’ is a game based in the ‘Shadowrun’ universe as if the name didn’t give it away. A world in which fantasy style things like magic and orcs etc., exist at the same time as a cyberpunk dystopia with cyborgs, lasers, and really long trench coats. Your role in this game is that you are the main character, that’s really the gist of it. If you can picture what it would be like being the main character in a cyberpunk dystopian story, this is it. So, you get set up by police, you wipe yourself from the grid and then start working for a mob boss and yadda yadda…. (yawn). This is of course my sarcastic review voice take on the surface of the narrative, but it’s actually full of cool characters and interesting bits of lore and such, I just write sarcastically like that to numb the pain.

And then we reach gameplay town, it’s mostly walking around talking to everyone you see, and at least for me, being so gosh darn charming and persuasive that you hardly ever fight. When you do inevitably get in a scratch however, it’s turn-based combat so I can’t tell if it’s good or not because having someone try something they are bad at and then asking them if it is good or not is like trying to make Hellen Keller realize a flashbang has gone off right in front of her, possible but not really worth doing. (again, sarcasm masking the fact that the game is still good). And there’s the magic and hacking and all of that but I went for guns and such so again I can’t really comment on them.

The whole experience for me was like trying to watch both ‘Blade Runner’, ‘Lord of the Rings’, and ‘The Matrix’ at the same time while coming down from nitrous oxide. Sure, I had difficulty paying attention and when I had to use my brain it just caused something inside my head to rattle around, but I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time.

“Overall, the game is still good. It’s just not really in my field of expertise. By all means, try it. The world is interesting, the characters are good and well rounded, and if you are one to like turn-based combat it works.”

+ Interesting world and Characters

+ Cyberpunk aesthetic gets points in my eyes

+ No Spiders! <3

Turn based combat isn’t my jam
(more a chutney (not as good but still alright))

Score: 7.5/10

~Lachlan Lamey

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