Seraph has a release date

Seraph, a game we played in our weekly streams a few weeks ago, now has a release date, accompanied by a fancy new trailer.

Seraph, made by Dreadbit, is a game about an invasion of demons and a captive angel. It is a side-scrolling shooter designed to be played in repeated runs. The game relies a lot on the player’s skill, especially when it comes to movement. The game’s titular character, Seraph, can cartwheel and bounce off walls effortlessly, meaning that her agile movement is quite a useful weapon.

As announced today, Seraph will come out of Early Access (where it has been since late April, enjoying Very Positive reviews) on September 30. Currently, the game costs 13 euros, but the game’s price is expected to go up when it comes out of Early Access.

You can check the game our on Steam.

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    Trailer looks awesome

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