Security Hole Review

Every time I start up a puzzle game, I have an inner hope that it will be really good and it will end up being one of those extremely addictive ones that will keep me hooked for months if not days. In the case of Security Hole, I can gladly say that it indeed was that kind of a puzzle game. It looked promising, it looked interesting and it most definitely had a nice theme tied to it, so I already had high expectations of it. Let’s explore why this game was worth every single minute I spent playing it (and will keep spending lots more of those in the future too).

Let me explain what Security Hole is all about though. The main premise of the game is that we get various objects made by little cubes and we are given a hole with a specific shape. What we need to do is basically rotate the object in various ways in order to find how it can face the hole and go through it without hitting any of the edges. The game of course makes this a bit easier since as soon as we have it in the right position, it stops, confirming we have it at the right position. We then just watch it go through, get another part added to it (to increase its difficulty) and we get ready for the next security hole. Simple right? Well, every good puzzle game starts from a very simple idea and then depending on how well it builds on top of that is what shows if it is indeed a good game or not.

Security Hole does that splendidly well. The game is comprised of six different worlds filled with about twenty or so stages each and there are even a few extra stages to try out. It plays with time, rotation amounts and a few other parameters that make our lives more difficult and it incorporates all of those in such a way that the player is rewarded for his/her skills adequately in points that go into an online leaderboard. The stages get progressively harder, not only by making the pieces bigger or by just reducing the amount of time we have to solve each puzzle, but also by introducing different kinds of shapes such as dodecahedrons instead of cubes or triangles. Still sounds simple, but trust me, it can get extremely complicated, but at all times of course still very interesting.

The point system works on the basis of how much time we spent before we solved a security hole or how much we spinned the object around before figuring out the correct position. It also takes into account how many helpful abilities we did not use making our ending score even better. The online leaderboards are really nice to have in such a game since it always shows there is a challenge out there to beat. I saw some numbers there that really scared me, but even managing to get top 100 on a couple levels was amazing enough for me. I bet more enthusiastic and also more competitive puzzle gamers will take this even more seriously and will go for better spots on the leaderboards.

Apart from that, the game of course has a theme and in most puzzle game cases, the theme is usually just something to explain pretty visuals and the things that happen during the time that you are not playing a specific level in-game. For Security Hole though, the theme ties in perfectly since it is all about hacking. The story may not be something amazing, but still provides a nice break from the constant mind-bending puzzle gameplay. We basically get to help a program that found us and asked us for protection. We hack our way through various places and things in order to help it out and end up learning more and more about it as we progress through the game.

The visuals between the puzzle challenges are very pretty and give us an extra reason to pay attention to what is going on in the game. During each puzzle challenge, the background together with the very simple visuals provide an environment that is quite easy to look at, making it more easy to focus on the task at hand. The game’s music ain’t that amazing, but is still ok enough to tie into the theme and the rest of it anyway.

The game becomes extremely difficult (especially during “boss” stages) but is actually very much worth playing in order to progress and see what is beyond each level since there is always something new and interesting to play with in the next stage you will go to.

You can find the game on Steam for the price of 9,99€.


If you are a puzzle games fan, then Security Hole should most definitely be in your library. Few puzzle games manage to tie in everything so nicely together and Security Hole does just that in most of its parts as a puzzle game. Theme, story, gameplay and repetition all done right, making up a title that is most definitely worth spending a lot of time on in order to explore to its fullest.

+ Interesting and constantly evolving puzzle gameplay

+ Nice story and good theme implementation

+ Pretty visuals that make breaks between puzzle stages more interesting

+ Very challenging and interestingly repetitive

Maybe too hard for more casual players, but still would not count as a big negative

Score : 9.1/10

~Marilena “One Mean Potato” Karamanian

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