ScourgeBringer Gamescom 2020 Announcement

A surprise just came from the developers of ScourgeBringer. They are also part of the Gamescom 2020 Indie Arena Booth and just a few minutes ago they have release an announcement that will make a lot of fans of the title very happy.

As seen on the studio’s Discord Channel:

This is it! ScourgeBringer will release out of Early Access on October 21!

Check out the announcement trailer, with bits of the upcoming 6th world in it.

Coming to PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.
ScourgeBringer 1.0 will come packed with new stuff:

  • The Beyond: a new secret Realm, with not one, but two new bosses
  • Chaos Roots: a new post-game mode, with a bunch of run modifiers to spice up your game
  • System revamps: a new gun modification systems with weapon mods; a revamped item system, with new stuff like shields
  • Story reshaped: rewritten dialogs, rewritten (and new) logs, more lore, and of course endings
  • New shops and NPCs: get weapon upgrades, or pay with your own HP for cool items, and meet new Greed’s acolytes
  • New content to previous worlds: new mini bosses for more diversity, new blessings
  • Secret rooms: will you find them?

We hope that you’ll get as excited as we are! ScourgeBringer has been more than 2.5 years of our life, and we can’t wait to know what you’ll think of it!
You’re all part of it!

Will you be jumping into the world of ScourgeBringer to take on whatever awesomely animated horrors await you there? We totally thought the game is great and we still think it’s worth picking up if you are into the roguevania kind of games!

Find the game on Steam!

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