Schlicht at Gamescom 2016

Last year, we had the chance of looking at Mr.Whale’s FAR (which is also at Gamescom 2016 and we will cover it in one of the next few days). This year we also saw Christian Schmidhalter, the founder of the company who works on the team that is developing Schlicht.

The game, as explained by its developer is a co-op atmospheric, dexterity-based puzzle game that asks of the players to have good communication in order to succeed. The good communication skills are tested through various things in the game such as mechanics, among other things, that have to do with scaling of each player’s dot size in the game.

The developers participated in the global game jam of 2014 and ever since have been working part-time on the game. They won a few other prizes too:

  • Blue Byte Newcomer Award, Cologne 2014
  • Call for Projects by Pro Helvetia, Zurich 2015
  • Suisa Foundation Prize, Zurich 2016
  • Game Connection Pitch, Zurich 2016
  • Swissnex Startuo Boost, Zurich 2016


  • Indie Price Amsterdam, Amsterdam 2015
  • Ludicious Student Award, Zurich 2014

They told us that one of the biggest difficulties in the development of the game was actually visualizing all of the game mechanics since they wanted it to be “abstract but not confusing.” Christian told us that this is what makes the game “timeless.” The name comes out of the combination of the words shadow and light (in German) and one of the major mechanics in the game is that you very often have to play with yourself as yet another game element. Other than that, I have to say that the game was very fun to try out on co-op (playing with Christian) and that there is also a challenge mode for anyone who is bold enough to try it.

For more news and announcements about  Schlicht follow the game on Facebook and Twitter.

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