Scamp High Hat Havoc – The Runaway Deamon

Once summoned a daemon can take many forms, from the tallest knight of hell to the loneliest Imp. Instead of summoning a willing servant though Big Hat Games decided, to summon something a little more interesting with there newest title, Scamp High Hat Havoc.

Scamp High Hat Havoc is a pleasant and compact little title, it clocks in at about 2 hours of playtime. The game is relatively bug free and runs on the unreal engine smoothly without issues. It’s controller support is responsive and spot on as well.

Your main task throughout the game, will be to collect the 6 gems and coins scattered around the hub world and it’s various secret passage ways. All in an act to save your “Damsel In Distress.” From the clutches of the Dreaded High Hat.

Scamp however doesn’t out stay it’s welcome, if anything i wish there was more to play. It’s compelling platform challenges, involve slight puzzle solving mechanics to keep players invested and Short range teleportation becomes your main tool throughout this endeavor. You’ll find yourself commonly relying on it to combine with your double jumps to breach large gaps in the level.
It’s detailed yet colourful cartoon style, also gleefully adds to the spell binding experience throughout this title.

After Enjoying my experience with Scamp High Hat Havoc. I’m excited to see what’s next for Big Hat Games, theres been talk of a further expansion into scamps world in the future but for now, we have an amazing title for Free!
It’s well worth an afternoon of your time, if you have a platforming itch and it won’t cost you a single dime.

Scamp High Hat Havoc is available on Steam for Free here.

Our tip of the hat goes to Big Hat Games for supplying us with an early review copy.

+ Free!

+ Smooth controls

+/– Relatively short experience

Score: 8.5/10

~Aaron Nicholls

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