RUiN Is Heading To Kickstarter

RUiN is an arena brawler developed by Tarhead Studio. In RUiN, you get access to a large pool of abilities from which you mix and match to create the combinations of your choice. Then use your lethal combos to wipe out the enemy team while evading the increasingly hazardous environment.

As you can see from the teaser trailer, RUiN seems to have many similarities with Battlerite, and when the developers were asked about those similarities on the IndieGamePromo Facebook group, they commented that :

1. You get to define your own heroes, appearance and abilities (you choose abilities before every match).

2. Pushback based combat, you can shoot your opponent out of the arena. Much like our inspiration the mod Warlock for the WC3. So there are two defined ways of attack your opponent; push or damage.

3. Active arenas, the arenas aren’t passive, they change around during gameplay, add new dangers in form of hazards (zones of damage, traps etc.).”

The developers were working on RUiN part time, keeping their day jobs, but now they are focusing on bringing the game out there and are asking for your help. The scheduled release of the kickstarter is February the 2nd and you can already support them by spreading the word, using Twitter or Facebook.

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