Rough Justice: ’84 Gamescom 2020 Impressions

Well, I didn’t expect Rough Justice: ’84 to be a time management game. From the title alone I thought I would have to deal with a brawler/shooter/platformer with pixel art graphics and an amazing synthwave soundtrack. At least that last part is there.

I really like time management/business simulation games. They put you in a situation where you have to make fast decisions and take you from zero to millionaire when you complete it. It’s like life progression but condensed in a few hours. Except that millionaire thing. You definitely get a similar achievement feeling when you beat the game as you do when you do things to improve your life.

Rough Justice: ’84 is a single-player, time management game, where you run a private security agency. You take the role of a former super detective that fell from grace. Someone springs you out of jail, you get some cash in hand and you start your own agency. Your goal; to clear your name and clean that dirt that seeps into Seneca’s society. To reach that goal you need to hire and train agents, take contracts, improve your agency and build trust with the powers that be.

I had the chance to play a pre-Alpha version of the game and I can say that the developers, Gamma Minus UG, have the right ideas for the game. Managing many agents at one time, responding to their questions about how to proceed with a contract, figuring out which skill is better for which job, buying cars for faster movement in town, buying a new floor for your office that will give you more agent slots, having coffee machines to replenish the energy, it’s all there. Because it’s a pre-Alpha version though, many of these features do not work.

At this time, I don’t think the skills affect much of the contract result, except maybe a lower payout. Both times I played the game an agent stuck in a contract forever. I fired him from my roster but he was still on the map, chilling at the job area, probably catching up with an old friend or something. Also, at some point I did all available contracts and I don’t know if there were more in that version I played.

All that is to be expected from this version of the game though. There is a lot of writing already, in the contract details, in the agents backstory etc. All this builds the world of the game and I like the attention to detail, again considering that this is an early stage of the game. There is also some voice acting in the game, mainly in the tutorial and when the agents want to speak with you. Pretty cool addition.

Rough Justice: ’84 feels like a prototype, a proof of concept, with mechanics and features that are just placed in the game, not necessarily working together at the moment. Whatever is there though is what I would like to see in a time management game and I feel that when everything starts working together, I will sink many hours in it.

Keep an eye out for Rough Justice: ’84, especially if you enjoyed This Is the Police or any Tycoon game out there.

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