RIVE is coming to IndieBox this September

IndieBox announced next month’s subscription box with the collector’s edition for Two Tribe’s RIVE. It is coming to IndieBox for everyone who subscribes to the program before September 18th.

The IndieBox is a subscription service that gives every month a collector’s edition of an indie title. Previous boxes had games such as Assault Android Cactus, Hand of Fate, Armello and many others for indie fans.

Rive is side scrolling shooter set in outer space. You control a grumpy scavenger who boards spaceships, wrecks everything and leaves with tons of loot. However, this time you find yourself trapped in a massive spaceship that is run by a capricious AI. You must utilize your weapons, ranging from a cannon with infinite bullets, to homing missiles and shotgun shots as well as your reflexes to avoid and annihilate waves after waves of enemies. A challenging game with a very good sense of humour, Rive is surely a game which will put your patience to the test.

On Steam and PS4 Rive is set to be released on September 2016, with the Xbox One and Wii U releasing later. More information can be found on the game’s website.

For more information about Rive read Two Tribe’s interview on Hyper Light Up and our preview for the game.

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