Rive at Gamescom 2016

Two Tribes was also at Gamescom 2016 showcasing its last ever game, Rive. The indie veterans let us play the demo on all 3 difficulties, showing us how easy or how (really) hard the game can be but also talked to us about a couple things on the game and the company.

Rive is side scrolling shooter set in outer space. You control a grumpy scavenger who boards spaceships, wrecks everything and leaves with tons of loot. However, this time you find yourself trapped in a massive spaceship that is run by a capricious AI. You must utilize your weapons, ranging from a cannon with infinite bullets, to homing missiles and shotgun shots as well as your reflexes to avoid and annihilate waves after waves of enemies. A challenging game with a very good sense of humour, Rive is surely a game which will put your patience to the test.

As Martijn, one of the developers behind Rive, explained to us, the game is a retro-shooter, just like the ones the developers used to play in the 90s. It has old-school mechanics and can be described as a “metal-wrecking, robot-hacking shooter.”

Using old technologies, such as the company’s old game engine, Two Tribes made Rive. That however, proved very problematic, since the very successful engine that was used to make Toki Tori 2 was now unsupported on many levels due to many software and hardware updates that have occurred since its last use. “The engine is more than 10 years old, so it make sense.” The company is also still working with the amazing sound design studio, Sonic Picnic, for all of its sounds and music.

“The company is very old and this is our last game, we are stopping for various reasons, with one of them being that, it is getting harder to develop games for us and we are constantly becoming slower at it. You can check our blog for all the info on that.”

On Steam and PS4 Rive is set to be released on September 2016, with the Xbox One and Wii U releasing later. More information can be found on the game’s website.

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