Rise of Titans goes Greenlight

Giant Fox is looking for our votes since Rise of Titans has moved on to Steam Greenlight.

The upcoming creation of Giant Fox is a Free To Play card game that is coming to PCs and puts players on the side of one of three available factions (Greek, Egyptian and Nordic).

As seen on the game’s information page:

Story: The titans have always united the chaos! All our ancestors have suffered and fought their attacks. Now they have found a new way of counter-attacking. In the forest of Zorocu there’s an old settlement the place that formerly served ancestors to carry out their rituals. The old and faced out inscriptions of Vugi, which have always served contain and control the anger of the titans, have come to life again. It’s an atrocious energy where the time diminishes its importance and attracts the ancestors to enter in a wolrd where they will find the weapons to free a battle never seen before.

Titans, ancestors, civilizations, magical beings all of them will light to find eternal rest. Zorocu had never seen anything equal!

TCG game with an interactive 3D battlefield with a total of 120 cards in its first version. The game is mainly addressed to an online card game, fantasy-themed set in different factions’ battlefields. Interactive battlefields with three scenarios intermeshed. The link is a neutral battlefield.

For more information about Rise of Titans visit the game’s greenlight page on Steam.

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