Retimed at Gamescom 2017

Passing by the Swiss indie games at the Business Hall during Gamescom 2017, we encountered a lovely little game that we just had to stop and try out with the team. We are talking about none other but Retimed by Team Maniax. Annika Ruegsegger was there to tell us about the game and the team behind its development and to of course guide us through one of the most fun multiplayer experiences we had during Gamescom 2017.

First and most importantly, shoutout to the awesome studio name that Annika and her friend Max came up with, which is basically a mash-up of their first names. Smart and catchy. Well played indie devs.

Annika explained that they were both students at a game design university in Zurich and their bachelor project was basically this game idea that Annika explained “was the first game that we actually had fun developing.” The goal was to apparently just make something simple that was fun to play. “Every time we added power-ups or anything else, it took out from the fun,” said Annika before continuing to tell us that the level design is the part that adds more fun to the game where it’s needed to not be boring and the same all the time. The core mechanics all stay the same.

The game is planned to come out on early access and until then, Annika told us that the demo should be soon available for everyone to download.

You can also find the team on their Facebook page¬†and on the game’s official page.

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