Results of 2017 IGF & GDC Awards

This year’s IGF and GDC Awards were just as awesome as they were the last few years with great nominees and awesome speeches. With Nina Freeman (developer of Cibele) and Tim Schafer (of Double Fine) presenting the IGF and GDC Awards respectively in order, there was a really good atmosphere to both of those events and everyone came back with really positive feedback.

Although Hyper Light Up did not have a chance to attend the event (since we are physically a little bit far away from all of that), we did watch the entire thing on stream and we are bringing you a full list of all the games and studios that received awards that night.

For the full nominees list on each category, you can visit the official IGF and GDC websites.

Independent Games Festival Awards

Best Student GameUn Pas Fragile
Nuovo AwardΟίκοςpiel, Book I
Excellence in Visual ArtHyper Light Drifter
Excellence in AudioGonner
Excellence in DesignQuadrilateral Cowboy
Excellence in NarrativeLadykiller in a Bind
Audience AwardHyper Light Drifter
Seumas McNally Grand Prize Quadrilateral Cowboy

Game Developers Choice Awards

Best DebutCampo Santo (Firewatch)
Best AudioInside
Innovation AwardNo Man’s Sky
Ambassador AwardMark Deloura
Best TechnologyUncharted 4: A Thief’s End
Best VR/AR GameJob Simulator: The 2050 Archives
Best Visual ArtInside
Best Narrative – Firewatch
Best DesignOverwatch
Best Mobile Handheld GamePokemon GO
Audience AwardBattlefield 1
Game of the YearOverwatch

We were of course very happy and excited to see, our personal favorite here at Hyper Light Up, Hyper Light Drifter get not one, but two awards this year. Other than that though, as always, great games and great people all around made up for an awesome event to watch once more. Here’s to next year’s IGF and GDC events.

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