Rapture Rejects – One Ticket To Heaven, Please?

The world ended in December 2018 according to the¬†Cyanide & Happiness Universe. After the messy fun that was it’s free release weekend, we decided to cover our impressions on whether or not you should pick up this particular golden ticket or accept Dooms Day.

Rapture Rejects is one of those games where your experience can go from mundane, to instant intense action in a split second. Being a new spin on the PUBG’s format I was rather skeptical when I started this game up, I’ve never been much for PUBG or it’s clones occasionally I’d have a round of Hunt Showdown when the mood to scream at a massive spider struck. However Rapture Rejects makes an appealing offer, enough for me to want to play more.

Rapture Rejects has that Cyanide and happiness charm, making the transition to gaming well once again with this title, this is seen often in it’s map design and weapons. Commonly the environment is covered in all manner of small jokes, they range from bubble gum rifles to F$@# Bombs being a nuclear weapon.

The cracks start to appear in this game a little after the free weekend though, with the player count dropping rapidly we’re worried how long Rapture Rejects will remain in the public’s eye.

Our Review team Nick Named “Can’t afford Pants” took to duo que after the weekend died down, it wasn’t uncommon to run into the exact same people in the next game you saw but 5 minutes ago.
The severs struggle to fill 50 man lobbies and the small player base means the severs struggle to compensate for lag at times too.

Rapture Rejects also has plans to add a cosmetic shop? Currently the only way to gain new cosmetics, is a random raffle system were you trade tickets, which you earn through killing players and playing games, for a new random cosmetic. There are currently plans for a new cosmetic shop but outside of knowing it’s coming there’s very little information surrounding it.

A Beautiful picture of the review team “Can’t Afford Pants”

Rapture Rejects is fun but it’s hard to recommend to everyone, however we certainly had a blast, if you have a taste for a new twist on the battle royal formula, it certainly makes for an enjoyable experience with friends.

Rapture Rejects is available on Steam for 28.95 Australian or your regional equivalent here.

Our thanks goes to Galvanic Games, Explosm Games and Tiny Build for supplying us a review copy for this game

+ A Humor filled Cyanide and Happiness Universe

+ Smooth as butter controls and execution of severs

+/ P.U.B.G. Remake

Low Player Count

Score: 6.7/10

~Aaron Nicholls

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