Rally Copters Review

Rally Copters is a straight to the point, no weird stuff, copter game that you have wanted for so long but just did not know it. Depth First Games brings us this little gem of simplicity and we have taken it upon us to review it and tell you how it felt playing with the choppers of this indie game.

First and foremost, I have to say that although we always look for “deeper meanings” in the indie games we try out and eventually review, sometimes there are games, like Rally Copters for example, that do not really fall in that category. In this particular case, we have in our hands a very simplistic time-trials racing game where we take control of little choppers and pilot them through obstacles to various checkpoints.

It is very essential to say that the game plays a hundred times better with a controller than in any other way, so make sure that you actually have a controller hooked to your PC if you are going to be playing this. The controls are really easy and although we get taught step by step how to use them through each of the first levels, the real sweet part of the game comes through mastering how to control our chopper. I cannot stress just how important that is. If you have piloted a chopper in any other game that has them, you will most probably understand quite well what I mean. Even though we are piloting on 2D levels, the speed and the feel of our chopper is very important to master since we will want to be doing the best time possible.

Time is probably the core element of this game. If there was no timer on the screen, I do not think that I would be trying to get better at this game at any point during my playthrough. However, seeing those fancy gold and platinum medals at the end of the stage when the game tells me I did quite well, is the most rewarding thing one could feel in a racing game. We can actually race against ghosts of other players and of course compete for a spot on the global leaderboards. The best part about this is that the leaderboards get constantly updated and you can see if someone else has beaten your time on a certain level with a certain chopper.

With the choice of different choppers and a lot of levels to go through with various obstacles that require different mechanics, the game rarely feels stale or boring. If you are into time trial racing games, then you are most definitely going to enjoy the ride of Rally Copters. The thrill of actually getting a really good time is quite exhilarating, just like in most other games where you spend a lot of time making countless tries on a certain level.

Since we have touched mostly on the gameplay aspect of the game though, we should also talk about the visuals and the sounds of it. The visuals are nothing too amazing, but at the same time, the optimization is done so well, that I was able to play this even on my cheap laptop that I carry around for writing and for work. That is definitely a huge plus since it is a game that you can fire-up pretty much anywhere and enjoy it on the spot. Other than that, the music was somewhat a problem for me personally. Although I do not mind listening to hard rock and metal music for hours, I cannot say I really enjoyed the soundtrack that was playing non-stop in the background. At least, I started getting annoyed after an hour or so. If you play for less than that, then it should not be too big of an issue.

Rally Copters is available on Steam for 6,99€, which is a pretty good price in my book, if you consider what you are getting for it.


Rally Copters is your standard racing time-trial game, only done with mini helicopters. Piloting your way through obstacles again and again allows you to learn the ins and outs of how to handle your chopper and eventually beat other players’ times for a higher spot on the global leaderboards.

+ Good mechanics for a racing time-trial game

Really good optimization, runs almost on everything

+ Good price for what we are getting

 Music can get quite tiring after some time

 Might start feeling a bit repetitive after a couple weeks

Score: 6.8/10

Konstantinos “Kelfecil” Christakis

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