Kelf’s Arcanum – Rain

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Style: Noir(ish)
Time to write: 10 minutes (through a creative writing challenge)
Inspirations: Classic noir novels, Sin City (for the feeling of the setting), Netrunner (just a name)


The rain started to feel heavy on his jacket. It was not too late. His arms were strained but his heart was willing and for that reason alone, he could not stop thinking about the possibilities should he decide to go through with the investigation. He knew they were meeting at the marina in about forty minutes or so. All he had to do was grab his trusty revolver and his badge and somehow – stealthily in the best case – make his way behind some containers in order to get the evidence he needed.

He knew it would not be that simple though. It never was.

His last confrontation with the Black Moon gang would have left pretty much anyone in shock and in too much fear to ever even consider facing those goons again. However, for an old dog like Jemison, there was no room for such things, let alone hesitation when he knew he was so close to closing the case. A case that had haunted him for years. But it was not fear that made him reluctant. It was uncertainty.

All of the information he had attained on the gang thus far was coming from underground contacts that many people would not even dare call reliable. Jemison knew though, that gaining the trust of the underworld, was the only way to find his way to the end of the tunnel, be it he found light or just plain darkness. This time, the tip came in the classic, anonymous manner, and Jemison was not sure if he should move forward with information like that. It certainly felt like a trap, but a trap that could be well worth springing too if it meant the end of this whole story.

The rain stopped and so did his hesitations. He started heading for the docks.

~Konstantinos “Kelfecil” Christakis

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