Rage Disco Gamescom 2017 Interview

Rage Disco is an intense action game where psychedelic substances drive a randomly evolving party filled with deadly, strobing lasers. Mind-bending pills crank up all the crazy events going down on the dance floor. They cause surreal visuals and may affect movement, among many other effects. It is a randomly generated party where areas, enemies and custom-made music are transforming based upon your actions. Blazing, vibrant lasers and flashy enemies are a mortal danger, especially when your senses are completely overwhelmed.

The game is developed by Suicide Penguin.

The developers were showcasing Rage Disco at Gamescom and we couldn’t pass the chance of talking with them. The five member team from Poland started with the idea of putting simple ideas into the game and after they’ve seen that worked, they added more and more, ending with a mind bending, psychedelic and synesthetic experience.

As they told us, the game is based on the hero talking mind bending pills that alter the world around him and affect the gameplay, like changing the movement or causing surreal visuals. The music is also a huge part of the game, since everything is happening in a disco and is also affected by pils. The developers gave us an example, telling us that the moment the player takes the slow pill, the music will also slow down, reminding the chillness of v a p o r w a v e . The player can combine pills with different effects and the same thing can happen with the music, which creates a very interesting effect as we found out by playing the game.

The stages will be procedurally generated, changing with every play and when a player passes from one room to the other, the moment he passes the door the previous room will change. We found the experience to be unique and we can’t wait to try the full game when it comes out.

For more info on Rage Disco, check out the game’s website, Facebook page and Twitter page.

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