ProtoCorgi Gamescom 2002 Impressions

Ok, if you are one of those people that used to frequent arcades, spend all their allowance there and the names of R-Type and 1941: Counter Attack are familiar to you, then forget this impressions article, just go to the end of the page and click the link to download the demo, you need to experience this.

For everyone else, this game here, ProtoCorgi, is an arcade bullet hell side scroller, but instead of you controlling a spaceship or a plane, you control a corgi that is looking its master. In space. Fighting fishes and carrots and a huge eye that is the boss of the demo. It’s amazing!

This game has everything : a cute dog that barks and/or shoots bullets from its face, weapon upgrades that throw lasers, missiles and the like to upcoming enemies, stages that move around in order to choke you in one place, ready to die from a stray bullet, huge bosses that will move around the whole screen in the span of a second and kill you, supermoves, bombs and a FANTASTIC soundtrack.

I don’t know man, this game made me laugh so hard, these devs are cheeky and smart. First thing you notice is that, besides the fun exterior, the game is a legit bullet hell side scroller. Every mechanic that you remember from the og games is being taken and implemented so well that, after the first funny impression you get because you control an actual dog in space, you get to think strategically, what weapons to pick, what to leave behind and you start making precise and fast movements in order to avoid the enemies and achieve the best high score you can.

On their Steam page, the devs write Join the Bark Side and I say yes, at least definitely try this game.

Watch the trailer here

Definitely play the demo on Steam here

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