Project Warlock – Review

FPS (Flamingos Piloting Submarines or First-Person Shooter) games are easily my favourite genre of video game. It’s just something about being in the shoes of the main character, seeing what they see and experiencing the same emotions that they do, usually pant-wetting fear as another demon closes in to bite their face off. Adding on to my love of the FPS genre is the “Retro FPS”, taking the genre back to its roots, no regenerating health, no two-weapon limit, and no crying. ‘Project Warlock’ is one of the many games of recent that has tried to bring the retro FPS into the modern era with somewhat of an RPG like spin on progressing the main character.

Like most games I have been seeing lately, the presentation and art style is fantastic. When a game uses sprite work, it usually means they either don’t have the ability to use better graphics, or it is for an artistic choice. And project warlock is easily the second option as the sprites are so detailed and the lighting and shadow quality makes the game look that much better. The only problem with the presentation I had for while is the screen effects, but these can be disabled so there really is no issue other than my potato setup made the game drop frames during large fights, but that’s my problem not the game’s.

However, the game almost made me want to stop playing in the first level. The difficulty options give the player a set amount of lives, or unlimited on the easiest option. After around 7 attempts on the first level I switched to unlimited lives (yes, I’m bad). The main reason this happened is because there was no god dammed ammo to be seen, I would use all the resources I had to make it that little bit closer, but I just kept dying. This was fixed almost immediately however, as in the next level not only did I have a shiny new pistol, but bountiful piles of ammo to expend on the swarming bats and demons that were around every corner. And then after some more levels I found it, the mesmerising shine of the metal as almost a heavenly light shone down upon its greatness and those fateful words appearing on screen as it came to my possession, “You have picked up the shotgun”.

The weapons are “MEH”, that is to say they “May End Humanity” or possibly “Murder Everything Happily”. From the pistol to the shotgun to the crossbow and all the others in-between, these weapons know what they have to do, and they do it with the grace and ease of a swan, swan diving off of a statue of a swan. Adding on to the amazing arsenal, these weapons can be upgraded to have many different functions at the cost of only being able to choose one of them per weapon, like making the pistol do more damage at the cost of using more ammo. And going even further, you are a warlock, so of course there is magic. But, these spells use the same upgrade points as the guns, so I haven’t played around with them… I made my choice.

 “project warlock is a game that speaks to me personally, and what it says to me I cannot repeat because the knowledge is not meant for mortal man”

+ Guns are nice

+ Variety in level environments and enemies

+ Bang Bang pew pew good guns

+ Did I mention that I like how the gunplay is

– Has spiders

– First level OP pls nerf

Score: 9/10

~ Lachlan Lamey

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