Prison Architect developers launch new game Scanner Sombre this week

After spending six years on Prison Architect, Introversion Software is about to launch their next game, Scanner Sombre, on April 26th. In a change of pace, Scanner Sombre will get a full release, spending no time in an Early Access state.

Just from the trailer, Scanner Sombre seems very interesting, especially visually. The game essentialy mimics a LIDAR scanner. The game world (a cave where your character is trapped in) is completely invisible, and the player has to use his scanner to send light particles ahead to cover the landscape. Slowly, the terrain is revealed, while the different light controls signify how close or far something is. According to Introversion, this mechanic proved to be harder than they thought, but the end result seems worth it.

According to lead designer Chris Delay, Scanner Sombre is a “palate cleanser” for the company. After six years spent on Prison Architect, Scanner Sombre is┬ámeant as a quick one-off game for the company to get set for their next big thing. Still, the game seems very interesting and worth a look.

You can check Scanner Sombre on the game’s website. It will be out April 26th.

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