Precipice – The Subtle Art of Real World Democracy

Ever wondered what was running through the presidents heads during the cold war? Well, the creators at Little Red Dog Games, certainty were, in their new upcoming game of subterfuge Precipice.

Tensions are running high after the resolution of world war 2 and you sit at the epicenter as the elected President of ether the U.S. or Russia. Tasked with taking the fight to your neighboring player, you’ll quickly find yourself stationing troops with your allies, sign peace treaties and trade agreements, all while racing to be the first to land on the moon.

While deceptively simple the layout for a strategy game, things quickly shift from relaxed to tense and dangerous, as every single move on this board could be your last. Precipice promises to be an intriguing strategic game based loosely on real world historical events. Seeing all of the horrifying outcomes and ways things could of gone horribly wrong through this simulation. It really makes you feel like things hang in the balance and the whole world is watching.

Precipice is scheduled for release onto steam on the 1st of May and is available here.

Special thanks goes to Little Red Dog Games for sending us a copy of Precipice for this Preview.

~ Aaron Nicholls

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