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UPDATE: Scroll all the way down to see what kind of responses this article provoked.

There are a couple AGOT SPOILERS in this article, so tread with care.

I wanted to make this a facebook post, but I thought about it twice and decided to make it a “full fledged” article on my blog. People will tend to overlook it more since people want the satisfaction of having to read only a couple lines to agree with something and not a full article with about 5-6 paragraphs. People think they are tired. No wait, people are made to think they are tired and that they deserve more than what they have. The world is spinning in an endless cycle of idols and rules that we “need” to follow in order to make ourselves happy while maintaining the right order of things.

To hell with that. This article is not about anarchy though, it’s more about talking about what is “right” in what we see and what we discuss later on with our friends and people we know. So to get started, I was inspired by a conversation I had with a couple friends right after having watched episode 9 of season 5 of the Game of Thrones series. I went on facebook and I immediately saw all the “stunned” and “surprised” reactions of people. I googled it even further and oh my… people really went full sentimental about it.

I love how people talk about the girl getting burned at the stake in the last episode of Game of Thrones and how it maybe “went too far”.

How did it go too far? Are you sad? Awww, poor you. It wasn’t “politically correct” or “right” to show such cruelty and gore? Well fuck you. Children get burned and bombed every day and you couldn’t give a shit or two. Just because a director managed to make a strong connection and make you sad about the character (and well done to him for doing that so successfully) doesn’t make it any more painful than the fact that this happens on a daily basis in some places in the world.

Don’t get me wrong, I was sad too. But that’s because of the connection that the series made between me and the character with the girl being one of the most innocent characters of the series and thus not really deserving any sort of pain or let alone death by getting burned at the stake by her own father. That doesn’t stop people though from going all sensitive about it and trying to show off their “caring” side by posting shit on facebook that say the scene was maybe a bit too far for the standards of modern society.

Man, one day you post about being an anarchic rebel who wants nothing to do with this world because your school didn’t let you pass a couple classes and the next day you whine about shit like this. Get – fuckin’ – real. The world isn’t spinning around you, or anyone in particular in that sense. I don’t believe the world around me is stupid, because if I did that would make me the stupid one. Everyone pretty much thinks like you do, but just constantly tries to portray himself/herself as someone different for the likes and acceptance of society in the long run. If you really want to differ though, be something different, do it differently. I know it’s hard, since you’ll find lots of opposition, but you have to remember that all those pretentious posts with famous peoples’ quotes you post, every now and then, were said by people who dared to step out of the norm (although society manages to make even them part of something just to make people have something “pretentiously different” to follow in the end of the day).

I’ll give you another AGOT example. Even the blood sport thing would be a thing in our world if it was any more accepted to watch people kill each other for fun. People would crawl by the millions in modern day coliseums if it was any more accepted. Do you disagree with that? Of course you do. You do on the outside, because you know that if you say something like “yes, I believe people would watch blood sports for fun quite often”, you would  then sound like a douchebag with no feelings for the people around you or like someone that just doesn’t think highly of the rest.

On the inside though, we all know, more or less, how much of an animal each and everyone one of us can be. “Politically correct” is never the case anymore. We say that in order to be safe and out of lawsuit range. We say that so that we are not the next one to be targeted, but boy, don’t we love to target others when someone is “politically incorrect”.

Notice how I put the words in brackets? Yeah, that’s because it’s utter bullcrap.

I understand why you shouldn’t say some things that are considered racism and what not, but that is a totally different story. You don’t say those things because you don’t want people to feel like they are different in a bad way, although they are indeed different, but people usually make distinctions based on appearance, which although makes sense if you are just being honest with what you see, it can lead to many other wrongly presumed things which later evolve into something way worse. We are all humans though, and we are all the same amount of stupid and brainless as the person next to us. There is no “genetic superiority”. As much as I believe in humans though, I also don’t trust them, just because we all want the same thing. More for ourselves.

People are fuckin’ animals.

To get back to my point, people hate being targeted but, love targeting others. We all have that feeling that we have the right to judge others, we all love control. Don’t say you don’t, because you would be lying to yourself. Experiments in the past decade have continuously shown that 9 out of 10 people reacted the same way when it came to situations that they had to react based on instinct.

Examples : 10 famous psychological experiments that could never happen today

To close this article, I’ll just give you a quote from a friend of mine which describes one of the most real problems at the moment.

“People in some countries will strap bombs to a kid and blow him up in the name of an imaginary sky man.”

-Christakis “Kelfecil” Konstantinos

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