Planetoid Pioneers at Gamescom 2016

During Gamescom 2016, we found Data Realms at the Indie Arena Booth, showcasing Planetoid Pioneers. We played the game on both multiplayer and single player and we also had the chance to talk with one of the developers.

After your space yacht undergoes an irksome Rapid Unplanned Disassembly, you find yourself marooned on a large Planetoid outside the orbit of Mars. To overcome this interplanetary Robinson Crusoe scenario, you need to use your Atomizer and Assembler tools to gather local resources and turn them into various vehicles, contraptions, and even organic life forms.

Explore, survive, and ultimately build a resource-intensive spacecraft to escape the dangers and mysterious caves of this circular world. Onto the next uncharted Planetoid for a completely different adventure – built by Data Realms or anyone in the Contributor Community!

Max Kriester, told us in his own words that Planetoid Pioneers is a 2D adventure game where the main goal is to escape from a planet by solving all sorts of puzzles.

The main thing about the development of the game, is that it uses the company’s self-made engine. The engine has been running for 7 years now and it all started from a team of 2 people. The engine is very powerful though and it really does everything that the team needs in order to make the game the way they wanted it.

“We did find some difficulties time-wise of course because we made an entire game engine and not just a game. No other game engine did what we wanted so we had to make our own,” said Max. Data Realms is planning to release the game in about a year or so and the reason why they went to Early Access with such a high price tag was because they wanted to filter out the people that were going to try out the game.

“We did not want many to buy it at the stage that it is at the moment because it is basically only the tools.” Max told us that the game has not received a single negative review since then because there are only the players that really like it. One of the most important parts of the game is the ability to mod anything in it.

“You press 1 button and you get into the editor that is full of game editing choices, all of which are available to the players.” We were told that a lot of things have already been made by the community and are still getting made.

Max left us with the comment that “this is serious stuff!”

You can check out the game for yourself through both the game’s website and its page on Steam.

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