Planet Diver and Slime San at Gamescom 2016

“It is basically like diving in Space,” said Ben Miller, the main developer of FabrazWe got a chance to play the game at Gamescom 2016 and also have a chat with the developer for both of his games, Planet Diver and Slime San.

Planet Diver

Planet Diver is a game about a woman who likes planet diving with her space suit. Visit various planets and find the most dangerous chasms to dive in. Collect various upgrades to enhance your dives and sharpen your skills to face dangerous boss fights and take to even higher speeds.

Ben told us that the game released around the same time as Downwell, without the studio being aware of the other game. That however did not bother them.

The studio is ran by 3 people and development of Planet Diver has taken about a year thus far. They are based in New York but their artist is in Cologne. Ben said that “we are trying to keep an international perspective.” We were told that each full release that the studio makes, is trying to be of a game with a totally different approach. Planet Diver is a twitchy platformer.

One of the main issues that the company had was basically figuring out a good plan for marketing and establishing their online presence. “We are currently working on a Wii U port as well as many other updates such as bringing dynamic music and more content into the game.”

More information can be found on the game’s official website and on its Steam page, where it is available normally for 3,99€ or for 2,99€ until the 22nd of August 2016.

Slime San

Ben also talked to us about Slime San which is basically a twitchy fast-paced platformer. Unlike Planet Dive, this particular game has clearly been inspired and influenced by Super Meat Boy and other games of its kind. “We really wanted to just get all of the nostalgia and bring it to players.”

It was a normal day in the slime forest and Slime-San was doing his usual business. Suddendly, a giant worm appeared and devoured the poor slime-lad. Trapped now inside the worms digestive system, Slime-San faces two options: either sit around waiting to be digested or try to make his escape! A cute and funny platformer, which requires precise and rapid movements and jumps, since the digestive acids are constantly trying to reach you!

Every few levels in the game there are new mechanics and it basically becomes more complicated. Unlike Planet Dive once again, the levels are all pre-designed and not procedurally generated and at the moment, the game is actively still being developed. “We have completed 50 out of 100 levels at the moment,” explained Ben.

The game has been developed for about 6 months now and there are plans for bringing new skins, game mods and different ways to play the game (for different playstyles) in the future. The studio is looking to release it in the end of  2016 or in the spring of 2017. The game has also been Greenlit and it is planned to come to PC, Mac and Linux.

You can find more about Fabraz on its website and Twitter page.

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