Pine is coming to Kickstarter

Recently, Twirlbound announced through the Indie Game Developer group on facebook that their 3D Action Adventure game, Pine, is coming to Kickstarter.

Here is what Twirlbound had to say about the game:

“Pine is a game about adaptation and evolution. We use advanced AI to let the game read your style of play, and adapt the enemy behavior accordingly. Every action and every inaction has an effect on the population, territory and behavior of the species living on the game’s island. We pack that all up in an exciting adventure where you struggle for the survival of your species!”

We also recently saw Pine during the Dutch Indigo of 2016, tried it out and found it very promising. Twirlbound has said that they intend to release the game in 2018. If you are interested in the game, you can check out the company’s facebook and Pine’s website, where they post a developer diary every week. The game’s Kickstarter campaign will arrive in March.

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