Phantaruk gets a release date

Polyslasher announced that their upcoming game Phantaruk will be released on August 16 on Steam and it will cost 11.99€.

Phantaruk is an FPS survival horror that takes place on a derelict spaceship somewhere in the vast emptiness of space. The player – a victim of experiments – is infected with a parasite constantly attacking him from the inside with deadly toxins. The player must learn what happened on the ship and how to escape it but toxins are not his only problem. A mythical beast – Phantaruk – is constantly following him and posing the deadliest threat.

Polyslash is a small studio located in Cracow, Poland. It is their first project together, but the crew has experience from previous projects they have worked on. They come from companies such as The Farm 51, Reality Pump, Tate Interactive or Bloober Team. Now they join their forces to create a horror game they have always wanted. Get ready for a thrill ride this summer!

For more news and updates about Phantaruk follow the game on its official website and Facebook.


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