PAWARUMi at Gamescom 2016

During Gamescom 2016, we had the chance to try out PAWARUMi by Manufacture 43. We found Daniel Borges at his booth at the Indie Arena Booth and also had a chat with him.

Daniel explained the game to us as a shoot ’em up with an old style and lots of enemies. The background settings are all made to look epic and the camera work is meant to make it even more epic. The game is boasting the trinity system which follows the basic rules of crushing, boosting or draining your enemies. By using different colours, you can do either of those 3 to your enemies, so you need to always be careful as to what kind of weaponry you are using against them.

Pawarumi is set in an alternate reality where the native american civilizations never went extinct, but instead developed light and gravity technologies, through which they managed to build incredible structures and even came in contact with three gods, the Cougar, the Serpent and the Jaguar, who blessed them with their powers. We control a ship named Chukaru, armed with three different weapons, each granted from one of the gods. We must learn to use the right weapon for every occasion and even combine them to launch a super attack!

Manufacture 43 is comprised of three people and it is based in Bordeaux, France. The development for the game started in 2016 and full release is planned for somewhere in the beginning of 2017. “We are not looking to add any DLC but instead any updates we come out with will be for free and will provide more content for the game,” explained Daniel.

With 10 years experience on the backs of each of the team’s members, the developers did not really find many challenges in making the game, but rather in promoting it. “We could do everything but that, because were not used to doing that or had never done it before.” The company is self-publishing its game.

Pawarumi is set to be released in 2017 on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can also track the game’s developement on its official website, as well as on its Indiedb page and on the Twitter and Facebook pages of Manufacture 43.

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