Pawarumi: An Epic Shmup Coming to Steam Greenlight

Manufacture 43 announced that its upcoming project, Pawarumi, will release soon on Steam Greenlight and it also has its first gameplay teaser.

According to the press release “Pawarumi enables the player to do double damage, heal itself or recharge its super attack simply by shooting with one of the three weapons against one of the three types of enemies. This mechanic enables countless ways and strategies to handle each level, first to beat the game, then to reach the top of the leaderboard!” Players will enter “In a world now ruled by corrupt divine power, you take control of the almighty ship Chukaru. Unique in the way it combines energies of all three deities, Chukaru will help you vanquish the evil and free the people from oppression. Or will you ? A dark secret is yet to be revealed.”

Some of the main features that the company promises through this game are:

  • Unique Artistic Direction
  • Five Unique Levels
  • Trinity Game Mechanic
  • Three Weapons
  • Super Attack and Weapon Mastery Scoring System

For more news and updates on Pawarumi, make sure you follow the game on its official website, Facebook and Twitter.

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