Party Hard Tycoon at Gamescom 2016

Last year we saw the very successful Party Hard at the Indie Arena Booth. This year, the developers of Pinokl returned with a much more awesome, bigger and full of flashing lights booth at Gamescom 2016. We had the chance to talk with Igor Arterchuk, one of the developers behind both Party Hard and the new Party Hard Tycoon.

Igor told us that Party Hard Tycoon is a game about management and making money. The player gets to be a party maker who starts small and then moves on to organize big stuff. Endgame basically, you get to be a big corporation that organizes parties on boats, big shows and all other sorts of big-time events.

The game is made by a 12 people studio and development started in January 2016. “We are usng the same art as with Party Hard and thus a lot of the assets and things are the same. It is something like a spin-off of the first game. There is new art and characters of course too,” said Igor.

The game however, before we rush into conclusions, calling it recycled or anything, had a lot of work put into it concerning the gameplay mechanics. Unlike Party Hard which was made in just 3 days, Tycoon boasts a much more complex gameplay (no longer just roaming around killing people) which immediately means that it was harder to prepare. “It would remind you of Game Dev Tycoon, but players wanted to be able to interact with things both before and during the show. 50% of the game is preparing the party and 50% is being in the party and handling things.” At the moment, Igor said that the studio is trying to add more things during the party part of the game, such as fights breaking out or allowing the player to call the police for something.

Igor also told us to expect a huge update for Party Hard too which will allow for Twitch integration. He told us something about being able to collect points and then spend it on other people’s streams playing the game.

Party Hard Tycoon will release “Soon” on Steam for Windows and you can sign up for the alpha build of the game here. You can also take a look on PartyHard, as well as on more games on tinyBuild’s website.

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