Overcome – A struggle with ones inner daemons.

Overcome is a cute platform game developed by those at Overcome Studios. Releasing on to steam last week, the game tackles ones fight with cancer and heartbreak, as each emotion is put under the microscope, in this grueling journey.

Overcome’s core gameplay loop, consists of a 2-D platforming, where you control a little heart and its own trials through stages of grief. Depression and Anger will be the first trials, on the many steps you’ll go through to overcome these emotions. To help you on your quest however, you’ll have your trusty shield referred to as willpower. The shield is all you’ll be able to use to block or reflect up to 4 projectiles before it breaks, making your only defense against the projectiles and dangers of this grueling journey, temporary.

Although Overcome is a relatively charming game on the surface, looks can be deceiving and I can’t stress enough, that this game has a drastic difficulty curve. The platforming goes from hard, to ludicrously challenging by the second level. Which is plagued by slippery surfaces and jumps with no room for error. You’ll be expected to preform the same motions over and over until you succeed, just to see a hairs length more each time, before your inevitable thrown back to the nearest checkpoint. To top this building frustration off, you’ll constantly find yourself being hit by projectiles from unblock-able angles, while juggling your shields limited charge.

Overcome is very much a game centered around overcoming strife and your own emotions. From the soul crushing difficulty, to the supportive score. You’ll find yourself struggling along with the Heart to complete it.
If your up for the challenge however the sense of accomplishment afterwards may be worth the trials.

+ Charming style

+ Pleasant soundtrack

+/- Soul Crushing Platformer

+/- Emotional and confronting undertone

Score: 6.8 / 10

You can find Overcome on steam for $15.50 Aud or your regional equivalent
Overcome also has a release sale for all you early birds, it will be 15% off before the 7 of march.

Thanks goes to Overcome Studios for providing us with a copy for this review.

~ Aaron Nicholls

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