Onion Force Review

Having improvied my likings and taste desires for exquisite food, I still hate onions. I really do. yes I hate them and I can’t even see them in salads or any other kind of food, since they usually just ruin the taste for me, since I simply despise the ungodly scent they leave in my mouth. They only thing I can accept as is when they come in the form of chips, onion rings or on burgers and it seems as if Queen Bee Games has actually found yet another way for me to love this particular vegetable through their latest game, Onion Force.

Onion Force is a tower defense game in which the player takes on the role of a defender of the king, since the last of the royal king is in danger and we are the ones that need to make sure he is still standing in the end of the day. Through our journey, we have our companion Lady D (which in no way has any connection to Lady Gaga) who is a pretty fairy with big cartoony breasts. D’s role is to help us in the levels by telling us what kind of actions we can take, what kind of new enemies we will most likely face as well as helping by breaking the ice with a few jokes here and there.

In order to help our king, we need to go through 30 levels which are scattered throughout different areas. Before we start a level, we choose the class we want to fight with our choices being Warrior, Bowman or Wizard. Each class has its own unique properties and their own arsenal too. In the level itself, the player has the choice of putting various defenses (of various kinds) on very specific places that will help with dealing with the lots of enemies that are coming in. This also allows the player to stay out of combat sometimes.

In order to put down those defenses, we will need enough gold to spend which we gain by defeating enemies and looting them, or by opening chests that are scattered throughout each map. In enemies’ loot, we will also find onions and weapons that will help us enforce our characters attributes. The defenses on the other hand are upgraded through stars that we collect in every level. Those are usually given based on the difficulty of the level that we complete and also on the basis of how much damage we suffered on the barricades of the king.

E very defense system is separated into various upgrade levels and depending on the level, it deals more damage. The onions that we pick up though, give us a temporary advantage to our current level providing extra damage or a boost to other attributes in order to keep us alive in combat. In the case that we are defeated, it’s not the end of the world since we can still choose one of the other two classes to continue our battle. The entire image that the battles in the game create, are generally very aesthetically pleasing mostly because of the cartoony feel that the game has. It sort of made me feel as if I was watching Cartoon Network. Even the music, instead of being some kind of medieval theme, it was very upbeat and rock oriented, making the whole experience even more satisfying.

Regarding the tower defense logic of the game, the title does not really try to give us anything different than the ordinary and it basically follows the same kind of system that the genre is known for. This means that we get to see a plethora of areas, enemies, mechanics and powers, next to which we have classic alternate modes such as speed modes (in case we want to be done quicker). Gameplay wise, Onion Force sort of left me disappointed due to its control feel being somewhat off and a bit too rigid at times. The biggest bummer I would say, was the fact that I was not able to configure the controls the way I wanted. Generally the game was moderately optimized in various areas of it, but still could offer a bit more to the player. I admire Queen Bee Games’ work since even though I picked it up thinking that it would be “yet another tower defense” game, I actually ended up enjoying it way more than I thought I would, mostly due to the rewarding nature of the game. It might not be the most amazing of Tower Defense games but you will probably see it till the end just because of the satisfactory gameplay it has.

You can find Onion Force on Steam at the price of 4,99€.


Let’s take it from the start. Onion Force is not something super innovative when it comes to its genre, but its image is enough to attract fans of tower defense games. A very interesting cartoon style, good music and enough content that will keep you busy until the credits. Queen Bee Games has made a game that you should definitely try out.

Fun and funny experience

Cartoon style

+ Music

Variety of content

Poor optimization in certain parts of the game

– Uncomfortable gameplay

– Does not really provide something new as a tower defense game

Score: 6.2/10

-Vasilis “Eniantas” Kamakaris

(Translated in English by Konstantinos “Kelfecil” Christakis)

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