Onikira – Demon Killer Review

In ancient Japan, the powerful and fearless samurai had a code of honor that distinguished them from others, as worthy warriors and chosen for a fate that would lead them to a glorious life. Unfortunately, for those who took the wrong path, dishonoring themselves and their families, death was the only solution to releave them from shame. Only a few fought for redemption.

Even though most of them did not know it, fate had a role for them in a play that they should lead, in order to gain a supernatural power and become the salvation from the threats that endanger humanity. Like any other chosen, so will Yamazaki Jiro accept his fate and face the powers of the underworld in Digital Furnace Games’ game, Onikira – Demon Killer.

Onikira – Demon Killer is a 2D side scrolling beat ‘em up with a strong scent of Japan, in which the players will take Jiro’s fate on their hands. Jiro is a young samurai that will face the return of Emperor Hirumo from the underworld. Having the powers of a dragon, he rules the kingdom with his only goal to eradicate all life. Jiro knows his mission and together with Mizuchi, the only living dragon, will try to stop Hirumo’s evil plans.

Onikira’s intro remids us a lot a manga that, while we turn it’s pages, we lose ourselves in an intoxicating artistic world, full of dark and imposing colors. This cutscene picture that also continues while we play, give a special breath to the game that looks like a lost relative to Shank from the far east. Every detail matters in art style, and in the graphics part Digital Furnace gave it’s best and made it even stronger with the musical touches and also with the game environment. Every enemy, boss, even the obstacles match beautifully the world as we turn the pages of the developer’s creation. Besides the visual style, there is a sweet hack and slash feel in the game. Even though there are not a lot of weapons in our possession, there are instead a lot of combos that we unlock from the game’s store and give us variation in moves and destruction.

If we want to unlock more combos, we can do that by collecting soul points from the fallen enemies and then buy what we need from the store. We can visit said store not only during our mission, but also after it. The other collectible elements of the game, such as dragon fragments, help with our health bar by increasing it. As in every game of this genre that respects itself, Onikira doesn’t back up as far as rank score goes. In every mission, depending on our performance, we are awarded a rank that puts us against other players on leaderboards.

Onikira in general is a very enjoyable game and offers another hack and slash experience with its combat system, in a special and artistic world. Even though these elements work good together, unfortunately the title has some negative elements that they discourage the player from continuing their progress with the game. From a certain point, begins a barrage of crashes that forbid us to continue from where we last left the game and force us to begin from the start. Unfortunately, even if the players start again, the problem persists and leaves the ending of the game uncertain.

Unfortunately for Onikira, that is really a shame, because I had noticed the title before I played it and wanted to spend a lot of time with it. Its problems though did not let me. They crush the title and rob it of the breath needed to reach the surface among worthy titles of the same genre, and make the players think that “refund” is the only logical solution.

You can find Onikira – Demon Killer on Steam at the price of 13,99€


The final decision, despite praising all the positive elements of the game that have to do with the art style and the combat system, can’t turn a blind eye to the technical problems the title faces. If Digital Furnace does not work on them, then I see two variations happening concernig Onikira: either the players will buy the game and immediately refund, or no one will bother to check the game, leaving it to the sidelines. And that is really a shame.

Art style

Combat system


– The game crashes quite often

– Problems with progress

Score: 4.5/10

-Vasilis “Eniantas” Kamakaris

(Translated to English by Dimitris “Dimi Kaye” Kalyvas)

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