Dimitris “Onel” Zarahanis


A rather odd guy, who likes puns more than he should, Dimitris was born and raised in Athens, Greece. Currently, he studies Library and Information Science in the Technological Educational Institute of Athens. His first ever game was Pokemon Red at the age of five and since then gaming has been a major part of his life. A pc gamer at first, he moved onto the console world, until recently when he rejoined the master race.

Dimitris has always liked writing, but he could never decide what to write, until one day he stumbled upon a position for reviewing indie games on IGN Greece. There he made his first steps in reviewing video games and professional writing. Now, he works for Hyper Light Up along with the rest of the indies team that came from IGN Greece.

He has quite a few other interests. Photography and clay sculpting are a couple of his hobbies. He has a thing for crafting all sorts of things and waits patiently for the day he has enough money to build a workshop to craft “all the things!”. As expected he enjoys crafting and survival games, like Minecraft and The Forest. He also likes Vikings and Dragons.

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Additionally, you can browse through a few silly photos on his 500px account.

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