One Step From Eden – A Peak into 2019

With less then a month left on kickstarter and funding already twice the needed amount. It seems One Step From Eden by Thomas Moon Kang will be funded and released this October.

One Step From Eden is a surprisingly flavorful blend in the card game genre, it combines deck building decisions, with roguelike elements and fast paced projectiles. A style recently coined as Megaman’s battle network, meets Slay the spire.

The Small team working on Eden have also posted many of the games planned features, alongside a present demo of the project. This includes multiple planned characters to accompany the main character Saffron, created by TopDylan. An already powerful sample of the intended soundtrack created by the likes of Hagane aka Steel_Plus. It also lists a possible special guest Michael ‘Garoad’ Kelly (the legendary composer for VA-11 HALL-A) joining the development if they reach a planned stretch goal.

With a jumping soundtrack, fast paced gameplay, charming visuals and head scratching deck building, we’re look forward to the future of One Step From Eden.

If you’d like to try the demo for yourself you can access it here.

If you’d like to back One Step From Eden or just check out more you can access the kickstarter page here.

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