One Finger Death Punch 2

One finger death punch? MAN I LOVE ONE FINGER DEATH PUNCH… dude ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ is one of may favourite tracks of theirs and the whole album ‘American Capitalist’ is so good and… oh, what do you mean that’s not it… oh that’s FIVE finger death punch, damnit I had a whole script written, well I guess I could blend the two together and talk about the game while sneaking in as many song titles by ‘5FDP’ as possible, yeah let’s go with that. ‘One finger death punch’ was a game that had a unique and stylish take on a rhythm game in which you were a stickman beating up other stickmen in an old school kung-Fu movie type environment, and now the sequel is back for more and takes it all up from 11 to 22. So, let’s have a look at ‘OFDP2-electric boogaloo’.

Now it might seem like I’m digging my own grave, but when it comes to most games that people describe as difficult, there’s 100 ways to hate them. But for OFDP2 I apologize to all of the people that don’t like it because good content must be hard to see for you. This game makes me want to tie a bandanna around my head and start doing front-flips through waves of bad guys until I meet my maker. I mean it, I can’t let this go. The game has simplistic controls and an art style that looks like it came straight from newgrounds, but this game can take up a day in my life, and it ain’t my last dance I can tell.

Gameplay is simple, left and right mouse buttons/arrow keys/’a’ and ‘d’ are used to attack all of the bad company that come your way. You have to time your attacks in order to be the menace that gives your foes white knuckles, missing the mark causes you to take damage and if you miss too many attacks it’s only a matter of time before you have a place to die. For the most part nobody has got your six, so you have to rely on your reflexes in order to make it through, it might sound tuff but it’s the tragic truth.

But, soon enough you master the way of the fist and tear through your enemies and end up bloody while the stickmen around you have the agony of regret as they question everything, now you can throw some of the more challenging things into the mix. There are weapons in the game, but they have a limited use and all they really do is extend the reach of your attacks. There are enemies that take multiple attacks to kill and even enemies that swap sides after an attack or two, requiring you to play attention to the colours of enemies and how many marks are at their feet. The “ball of death” is a unique little wreaking ball that you attack, causing it to bounce around and destroy enemies when it hits them and bounces back to you letting you hit it again and rinse and repeat until your boots and blood look the same.

One thing that’s different from the first game is that some enemies with projectile weapons with appear at the sides of the screen and throw/shoot at you and depending on the colour of the enemy you can attack the projectile to catch, deflect, block, or dodge it. Putting all of these gameplay mechanics together makes you trouble for your enemies but makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. The pride that you feel upon taking over 100 enemies down creating a new generation, that being generation dead.

Song titles used in this review for the joke: 28

“this game is fun and that’s putting it lightly, just the rush that this game gives as you beat the ever-loving snot out of your opponents is just cathartic and fun”

+ Kung-Fu action is always a bonus

+ Fun gameplay

+ Nice soundtrack

+ No spiders

– Not actually ‘Five finger death punch’

– Can get repetitive after a long time

Wait a second, isn’t this where the score is supposed to be? Yes, yes, it is. But I’m deciding to do something a bit different. When I wrote my first review I was told to use a score and have used a standard score out of 10 since, but this has bothered me as I don’t believe that an opinion can be accurately given with a simple number out of 10. So, I present my new final opinion judger thing, with this I will tell you what I think is the best way to buy this game, you’ll know what I mean when you read it.

“I recommend picking this game up, even at full price. The game has a lot of content and enjoyment value that makes the price worth paying in my opinion.”

~Lachlan Lamey

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