Observer, a Cyberpunk game by Bloober Team

It is no secret that Bloober Team has caught everyone’s attention with their game, Layers of Fear and they are back again to do just that with another title. Enter Observer, a cyberpunk-ish first person adventure where you play as the kind of person people hate. The government enforcer that seeks and destroys people for going against the law in any way.

The game is set in the year 2084 in the city of Krakow (which is also the city that the development studio is based in, making it quite intricately interesting) and you get the chance to walk into people’s apartments, look through all of their stuff and later plug in their brains to experience things the way they see them through their memories.

You can check out a gameplay video below.

Observer will be available on Steam on the 15th of August and we are eagerly awaiting its release, so that we can also dwelve in the memories of others.

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