Nowhere Prophet at Gamescom 2016

Even though just visiting for the very first day of the Games Expo, we found Martin Nerurkar and he talked to us about all the latest developments in his upcoming game, Nowhere Prophet.

Last year, we only had the chance to check out the combat in the game, which although is an important element in it, it is not the only one. The game, as explained by Martin, follows the story of a dangerous journey that a band of lost people are making, trusting you as their leader to take them to a better place. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world that is also inspired by indian stories and culture. Essentially, Nowhere Prophet is a Roguelike with card based combat. By exploring the world of Soma, you may stumble upon new information about the world and even new equipment. The skills and gear of your units will improve your odds at winning since they will give you an edge over your oppenents, but the battles will be heavily decided by your skills and tactics. However, when you finally lose, some progress will persist and allow you to unlock certain items which will make your life easier in the next games.

The game’s development started back in May 2014 but has been worked on full-time since December 2014. Around the midst of 2015, the developer received funding for the project and now there is a probable release date around February of 2016.

The next big step is going to consoles. Martin expressed a lot of enthusiasm about this and talked about how consoles do not really have card games at the moment as well as how much people are asking for those kind of games on consoles.

Biggest difficulty for Martin thus far in creating the game was actually “making people aware of the game’s existence.” He explained to us that it is not easy to find the kind of people that like those games and since he is doing everything mostly by himself, it becomes even harder of a task to do all of the marketing and promotion. He told us that he likes working in a team and that he is “less creative when in a small group.” However, despite those hardships, Martin is steadily getting the game into a shape that already looks really good, so we can’t wait to see the game when it’s completed and released.

You can find more about Nowhere Prophet on its website.

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