Nova Nukers! Gamescom 2017 Interview

Nova Nukers! is a multiplayer battle game for up to 4 players (online and local)! Explode your friends on colourful planets with a large variety of bombastic items! Jump into online multiplayer to play with players from around the world, invite friends from your friend list for a private online session or get together with them at your place to enjoy the action on your home couch. Alternatively you can also test your skills first and battle the AI-Bots at 5 increasing difficulty levels.

The game is developed by Lemonbomb Entertainment.

Nova Nukers was at Gamescom for the third year in a row and we of course had the chance to yet again interview one of the developers to see how far the studio has come with the development of the game. We talked to Linda Trefler who is the concept artist for Nova Nukers. She also does a lot of other things for the company, such as level design, website design and other art-related things.

“A lot of things have changed,” said Linda and we started talking about what the studio has been doing over the course of the year since GC2016. She told us that the team even had an intern, who they ended up hiring. He turned out to be an amazing programmer who helped with developing the AI for the bots that you can now play against int he game. Five difficulty levels for that AI actually. He also helped with polishing the UI and made the workload pretty much easier on so many levels from what Linda told us. “Things went faster and there was no longer need to wait too long before you can get to the testing phase.”

“We have now pushed the game to a new level,” said Linda, continuing to tell us about the new in-game UI, the fact that the game feels a lot smoother than ever before and also because the characters all have their own unique feel and style right now. “You can probably notice the changes, only if you knew the past builds of Nova Nukers.” The studio actually wants to release the game on Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, all at the same time, so for that reason the release is delayed just a little bit more.

“When it came to coming up with the concept of the game, we basically just asked ourselves, what kind of target group do we want to have,” Linda told us. Linda said she is a huge fan of Nintendo games and she loves the family friendly design that most of those games have. “It is somehow made in such a way that it is appealing to pretty much anyone.” She told us that the studio wanted to enlarge that target group and be able to appeal to all levels of players, from casual ones to more hardcore competitive players. “The design process basically evolved into that eventually and we then went with some colorful and funny for the characters. Animals made sense.”

The game has five characters at the moment, with a few different skins for each of them, but Linda assured us that more are coming. “There are many concepts for new characters, but we want to be sure before adding anything to the game, so nothing is sure just yet regarding new content like that.”

Talking about future plans, Linda said that the studio is already thinking about doing other stuff. “We have some really cool ideas. However, for now, the plan is to release the game sometime in the start of 2018, around February. “We believe it to be one of the best times to get attention.”┬áThe build being showcased at Gamescom 2017 is an almost complete build of the game. “It runs really well but we will still try to have as few bugs as possible.”

“Gamescom has always been a great experience for us, especially because of the Indie Arena Booth, which is bigger and better than ever before,” said Linda. The team also brought a lot more merchandise with them this time to give out to the players that would come and try out the game.

“We want to build a community for our game,” said Linda, telling us that the game actually has a reddit page now as well. “We would not go into Early Access for any reason at this point though, because the game is too far in development anyway for something like that.” The reception seems to have been great for the title and the team was apparently surprised as to how crowded their booth turned out to be. “We somehow did it right.”

You can find out more about the game through its Steam page and Facebook page.

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