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Heya readers. It’s been quite a long time since my last article here and I found some free time on my hands that I can’t really use in any other way at the moment, so I figured, why not make a write-up on my latest concerns in the hipstery world of my existence. The reason why I say “hipstery” is because it is directly connected to that. I want to talk about the general idea around people that do NOT go with the flow and how others most often perceive them.

Prepare for a very philosophical and abstract piece of literature..

I recently watched a video of a Greek guy talking about everything that was bad with the Jurassic World movie and one of the parts in there that stayed with me the most after the end of the video was the part with the weird hipster guy that was basically made “fun of” in the movie.¬†I couldn’t really find a video on youtube that shows it, but for all of you that have seen the movie, you know who I am talking about.

To explain: One of the park operators, who sits in front of a computer with a bunch of dinosaur toys, sporting a jurassic park t-shirt, at some point says something like “we didn’t need fancy things in the past, we kept it simple” and he is generally saying stuff to support the old movie and make fun of the new one. The character however looks like the classic hipster douchebag with the weird hair that we have stereotyped people who support these things usually look like. In the end of the movie, he tries to kiss one of the other operator girls and she just backs off and says “I have a boyfriend.” So, that “idiot” doesn’t even get laid.


So, here we see a classic example of a mainstream form of art of media outlet (whatever you feel like calling the movie in this case) that sets out a stereotype for newer generations to follow. “Don’t listen to the douchebags that will tell you the old one is better, they are just negative Nancies who just want to speak up and be noticed.” This makes me so damn sad. Day after day, you will see articles and other things trying to tell you how to “not be negative” and just be open-minded. So we have basically reached the point where people aren’t able to speak their mind just because they will be seen as idiots or hipster douchebags who are just trying to look cool and different by saying they liked the old thing (or whatever else their opinion is that is basically against what is the norm.) I see it everywhere lately, in music, in movies, in series, in games (oh my god, it is spectacular how far it has progressed in the video gaming world) and many other places and situations. I don’t even want to get started about social justice warriors and all that crap, because that will just take us ages to discuss. I have zero to no respect for social justice warriors since they are the original hipster idiots who realized the world needs equality. In a world, that by nature relies on inequality to survive, people are trying to find equality. If that ain’t idiotic and stupid as fuck, then I don’t know what is.

But let’s get back to our main point. How often have you had situations where you supported an older movie or series and got frowned upon because you did so? And moreover, how many times did you think about doing so but you didn’t because you thought (more likely, knew) that people would just see you as a negative douche that is trying to sound smart by making points based on knowledge that is no longer relevant, since a new part of a franchise/series/whatever is out. If I had a penny for every time that happened, or for every time I got yelled and laughed at for saying something alike, I would have a lot of pennies. Not sure exactly how many, but definitely a lot.

As you know though, I don’t like to just talk about problems. I also like trying to find solutions to them. Talking about them makes me a negative Nancy for real and it basically doesn’t do anyone any good whatsoever. We can all talk about it behind closed doors and then go out again and face it without speaking up or saying anything about it. So here goes.

Talk up. If you want to be an open-minded person and someone who is seen as a unique individual, then speak, the fuck, up. If you like Star Wars: Episode II, then say it. I despise and hate it as a movie but god oh god, as a Star Wars geek, the Clone Wars era was the best thing that has ever happened in that universe for me. Wanna say the movie is bad? Go ahead, make your points, make a discussion and everything, but you better accept mine too if you want it to be a real discussion and exchange of opinions on art. If you want to enjoy talking about art, you need to stop being silent and start talking more. The people around you that are not utter idiots will do the same and you will all enjoy very healthy and inspiring conversations. You might end up hooking people to things that they never thought they would like, just because you told them and just because they listened.

Apart from that, people need to stop godifying everything that is thrown in their face. Dark Souls III is an amazing game. It’s not the game of all games though and furthermore it’s not the game that would define the entire genre thus having everyone (especially journalists, because they sound like humongous¬†morons when they do that) talk about other games by constantly making references to Dark Souls III. How can every single game of this year have some kind of a relevance to Dark Souls III? Explain to me how a puzzle game can be called “the Dark Souls of puzzle games.” Morons.

You HAVE to check this twitter account’s tweets – XMEETSDARKSOULS


It sounds like something that you hear everyday and like something that your teachers and your parents constantly told you to do, but apparently it wasn’t as self-explanatory as we thought it was in the end of the day. Open, your, eyes. You might end up being hated by half the people (or more) you know right now just because you will start questioning things around you, but if you don’t do it now, then some day later it will be too late. You will probably end up like one of the idiots that just follows a trend and when answered why he or she does so, they answer just with “everyone else is doing it” or “I like it, what’s your problem?” Do you? Do you really like it? Or where you just made to feel that way. Or do all of your friends like it too thus making it normal and acceptable for you to do so as well?

I’m being a first class douchebag here, but it goes so much deeper that one can imagine. If you do start “going with the flow” then sooner or later, you will find yourself not even enjoying the things you do. This goes as far as relationships, study choices and even careers. It is very simple to say “yes, it bothers me, but I don’t want to talk about it just because I fear the consequences” but if you don’t stand up for what you feel is right and for what you believe in then no one else will. Do NOT go with the flow.

The funny thing here is that, for example my classmates, most of them think I am a douchebag, just because they think I “like” to go against others. I ask a lot of questions when no one else is raising their hand (a question can always open doors to other things that you may not even know you need to know about it in any kind of situation, so it can never be bad) or when no one else has the balls to say something that HAS to be said but might have consequences. I put myself out there and half of them probably think I am a huge idiot or some egocentric douchebag that just likes to speak up all the time.

So the funny thing is, I don’t do it for them. Fuck them, I could literally not care less about them. Sounds harsh, but I am not the one who is going to change the way they think. If they are happy the way they are, then they can do whatever the heck they want. However, if they try to get in the way of my happiness, then that is another thing. The world is a cruel place and as I said, unequal in many ways, so we have to learn to survive, even with the idiots.

People live the way they want and the way they are taught to do so. As much as we don’t want to believe it, we have been shown a certain way to live and be happy and it is very hard to break away from that reality. Just like a muslim girl is hard to convince she doesn’t have to wear a cover over her hair, it is just as hard to convince someone else why she believes it is something mandatory and “right.” You can’t blame people for being happy the way they were taught to be happy. Even personally, there have been many times that I felt as if I couldn’t get along with people, just because they were different from me. They have different ways of showing respect, having fun, perceiving humour and so many other things. You can’t be racist, you can’t be judgemental, you just can’t be anything. Just like you want to be happy, they want the same thing. Even suicide bombers want to be happy. The blow up because they expect to be rewarded in the after life. Or many selfless souls do things for the happiness of others.


Respecting each other’s journey to happiness is what we must learn to do and it is unfortunately hard to do. Finding “equality” or any other kind of bullcrap won’t help. Perfect example are homosexuals. We are not equal with them in any way, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t respect them for wanting to be happy. But we are definitely not equals in so many ways. They are men and women themselves so they have their own weaknesses and strengths thus making them different. Chances in life come and go and thinking that everyone can have the same opportunities in life is a somewhat feeble attempt to make a whole new religion based on the need to find something to unite as socially once again.

It won’t happen. Stop it.

So yeah, I get pissed pretty often about things like that.

I once had a very long discussion with two very good friends about how we much we should care. One of them said “I get sad about it because I care and I cannot stop thinking about how fucked up the world and the general situation is.” The other one said “I just accept it and try not to think about it so that I don’t get sad.” I accept both statements. I am caught somewhere in between unfortunately but imagine being one of those two. What would make you happier?

End of philosophical bullcrap. Go forward my SJWs, bring happiness to the world.


-Constantine “Kelfecil” Christakis

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