No Man’s Sky : Music For An Infinite Universe

Those of you who remember the announcement trailer of No Man’s Sky back in 2013 you definitely remember the amazing music that came with it. Finally, the band 65daysofstatic releases the original soundtrack for the game, it’s called No Man’s Sky : Music For An Infinite Universe and you can stream it on Spotify.

The instrumental post rock band first worked on the soundscapes that will accompany the upcoming procedural generated game and then spent over a year to complete the actual soundtrack in an album form. In the double release we can find the 10 original compositions in the post rock genre plus 6 soundscapes that have a more ambient feel and it is a sample of what we will normally listen while playing No Man’s Sky.

The release comes from Laced Records in digital download form, double cd, double vinyl and deluxe 4x vinyl boxset. For those who are interested in a vinyl that has a more traditional No Man’s Sky artwork, there’s also the double vinyl release by iam8bit.

No Man’s Sky is going to be released on August 12th for PC and Playstation 4, although there is word that the PS4 retail version might delay a bit more.

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