Night Call – A Cold Night In Paris

Surviving an attempt on your life sounds nice but once the cops discover who you really are, your night time cab work in Paris, seems to take a turn for the worst.

Night Call, is another wonderful Mono Chrome creation, in Raw Fury’s extremely unique lineup of growing published games. Created by Monkey Moon & Black Muffin, Night Call, see’s you put in the shoes of a X criminal now turned cab driver, unwillingly working as a mole for the cops.

Your extra crucial job throughout these nightly shifts, is to work with the surprising large roster of over 70 unique characters, which you encounter seemingly at random, as they call for a cab’s about the city. By probing each individual for information between their stories, you’ll hopefully slowly uncover the identity of the crazed killer, who put a knife in your stomach in the month prior.

As a uniquely relaxing, yet extremely intriguing story game of mystery, Night call, proves to be a strong formula of cat and mouse discovery.
One which has us frantically waiting at the side walk for its release.

Special Thanks goes to Raw Fury, for taking the time to send a copy of Night Call, via cab for this preview.

If you want to know more about Night Call, you can visit it’s steam page listing for more news & updates here.

~Aaron Nicholls

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