Nidhogg 2 Will be Publicly Playable at GamesAreForEveryone

Nidhogg is a side scroller fencing fighting game that is incredibly entertaining with friends. For us here at HLU is one of the go-to games when we stream. The game has won many awards and is actually praised for its tense multiplayer. The sequel is already in the works with a TBA release sometime in 2017. Until then though, if you happen to be in Endinburgh this Friday the 21st, you will have the chance to play it at GamesAreForEveryone event.

GamesAreForEveryone is a social event in Scotland and features local and international game talents in a night full of games, drinks and music. Those who attend will have the chance to go head to head on four available levels from the upcoming Nidhogg 2, playing on Playstation 4. This is the first time the game will be showin in Europe, so if you want to check it or any of the other games of the event, you can buy tickets at

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