NewBlood’s game, Dusk is really brutal

NewBlood studio’s latest game, is coming for retro FPS fans and it’s goes by the name Dusk!

Dusk will release in 2017 and it’s inspired by the classic FPS games like Doom, Quake and Hexen. The game features single player campaign, endless survival mode and 1v1 arena multiplayer. According to that had a chance to talk with the studio, the developers of Dusk said that “ “the sense of speed, fluid movement, and handcrafted episodic level design with interesting psuedo-nonlinear levels” from ’90s FPSes is what they hope to achieve with this game. Regarding the aerial move that we see in the trailer, the developers also told that “the game simply unlocks the vertical axis when [players are] in the air, allowing them to aim 360 degrees to track enemies below/above, or just to look cool. When they land, the plan is to have the player do a Mirror’s Edge style roll.”

You can have a taste of Dusk by checking out the reveal trailer below:

For more news and announcements on Dusk you can follow the game’s Twitter page.

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