Nanotale – Typing Chronicles Preview

I have a strong affection for typing games and Epistory along Typer Shark will always be my two go to games when it comes to this genre. You can imagine how excited I was when I learnt that the amazing studio Fishing Cactus, that was behind the development of Epistory, is now developing another typing game. It goes by the name Nanotale – Typing Chronicles and it promises to go beyond what Epistory did and explore even more the typing system that its predecessor introduced.

In Nanotale, we assume control of 18 year old Rosalind as she learns to use her magic in an adventure through the magical lands of the game. We do everything pretty much by typing – as it may come to no surprise to anyone who knows what a typing game is. We cast spells, write down notes and talk with people just by typing all of the words that we see on the screen. The gameplay basically revolves around you running around, the what seems to be a very open-world kind of area, and writing words in order to defeat monsters and cast spells to solve puzzles and reach new places.

The game is simple and very much to the point, which makes it very fun and easy to learn. Depending on your typing skills (how fast and precise you are), the game will become harder over time, slowly adjusting to your level of play. No matter how hard it becomes though, it will constantly be super fun and relaxing. Best thing you can do is just sit back, relax and type away as you explore the rich lands of Nanotale.

There are some RPG elements in it, just like there were in Epistory, but those are very limited. Do not expect to get confused by a bunch of numbers and other things you need to pay super close attention to while leveling up. If anything, leveling up just provides some tricks that you can use here and there in order to make your life even easier. Traversing through various areas by typing words to teleport all over the place has never been more fun honestly and the studio behind the game definitely knows what to implement in order to make a level fun.

All that being said, the game is still in Early Access and as you may have expected, it is full of game-breaking bugs that may impair one’s gaming experience. However, the development studio behind this project is very active and they are constantly working on bringing out fixes and new updates to the game so that they can soon fully launch the title. You can see check out their very frequent updates on the game’s page on Steam.

Early Access may have been a theme in the past for a lot of indie studios to get some bucks in while they are working at their game, but nowadays, a lot of studios are doing the same thing that Fishing Cactus is doing; release their game, get feedback from the players and the community that the game builds and then fully launch a well working title. I am personally very happy to be seeing this positive influx of indie studios making use of community feedback to release very interesting content for their game and I am glad to see that Fishing Cactus in specific is one of the first to be doing that.

Despite all the issues the game might have right now, this is a title that you should definitely try out even before it fully launches since there is enough content in there to keep you busy for a few hours and make you want to come back for more once more updates for it are out.

We actually had the chance to review Epistory in the past and also interview a few of the developers of the studio at Gamescom in 2016. Both very interesting reads if you would like to know more about Fishing Cactus and their games.

You can find Nanotale – Typing Chronicles on Steam.

~Konstantinos “Kelfecil” Christakis

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