Nairi has reached its main goal on Kickstarter

Good news for the upcoming game project from HomeBearStudio, Nairi which has reached its main goal on itsĀ Kickstarter campaign.

The project has just a couple more days before the deadline and needs only 1.500$ for additional goals. The game is also going on greenlight on Steam and its ready to make its first steps on PC.

NAIRI is a child-friendly story with subtly mature themes, inspired by works such as The Last Airbender, Toy Story and Spirited Away. NAIRI tells the story of an abandoned upper-class girl who meets Rex, a criminal-turned-scholar. Together, they adventure through the animal-inhabited oasis city of Shirin. Become familiar with Nairi and Rex while uncovering the dark history and mysteries of Shirin!

For more news and updates onĀ Nairi, follow the game on its 08official website, Facebook and Twitter.

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